Saturday, December 5, 2009

पूछो तो जरा क्या उनके पास इसका जवाब है?

Listen Closely,

Stand still for one moment'.

Can you hear me?

When I whisper your name at night starring into the stars,

Do you feel a cold chill come over you?

Do you feel me like I feel you?

Do you long for my tender kisses for that soft gentle touch?

Or am I just delusional in this madness I once thought was love?

When I pray, do you feel the power of love I am sending?

When I cry, do you feel the pain I am feeling?

Every time you turn me away, do you know how I hurt, do you even care?

Do you ever sit alone and wonder what things might have been like together?

I am at war with myself every day,

Telling myself why I should forget you, why I should let go,

How foolish I am for hanging on'

Nothing seems to work. I have tried making myself hate you, to not care'

I have reminisced the past, and even dwelled on all the bad memories,

All the horrible words we have shared together

Trying to convince my self you are the enemy,

So many times I see you in my dreams’ and I am sure to see you tonight.

There you are, within reach, yet I cannot hold you,

I cannot kiss you as I desire,

And I cannot make you love me as I have prayed for so many nights.

How could I love you so much, yet you hardly know I exist?

You are so careless with your feelings, so nonchalant.

I don't know how you do it, How can you not feel my love inside you?

You will forever be there; you are the burden in my heart that will burn me forever.

My head is telling me I am a fool and that the pain must end

My heart tells me love has no end, no boundaries, no rules or fine lines

You know nothing about this pain, about the torture

What I wouldn't give to let go, to set you free from my heart.

I have searched and searched to find a way to release this pain,

And I am left with nothing

Without your love, I will always be left with nothing.

This is a game I cannot win, I cannot overcome this,

I want to give up, but there is no point in that,

Because the feeling I feel will still be there

No matter how defeated I may feel, I can't end this

At first when we met

We said hi

Now we're still friends

But we've said goodbye

I gave you a chance

And you rejected

You said it's not good right now

And you stand corrected

You see what you've lost

At least I hope you do

You see what others can have

But not you

I don't mean to sound conceited

Or vain in any way

I'm just merely pointing out

What you had, and threw away

I liked you a lot

I honestly did

But did you feel the same?

Were there feelings you hid?

If you had feelings for me

You didn't show it

Because things are over now

And I didn't know it

If you didn't have feelings

Then why did you say so

When the only person you trust, lies

Then where do you go?

I just wanted to say

Thought you needed to know

These feelings I have

Need to be let go